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Our criminal background screening process delivers high-quality public records fast, to help you make better student, employee, and volunteer selections.

We provide you with options. You can quickly review extensive criminal records data, county level court records, and statewide or federal data. Easily submit and manage volunteer background screening 100% online minimizing your workload and providing you with verified volunteer credentials, auto renewal notifications, and powerful reports to help you track your volunteers’ background status.

Background checks help you build a team you can trust, while also mitigating risk and protecting your company’s reputation. Using pre-employment background screening during your hiring process helps you:

The result will be sent the same day or within 24-72 hours.



The purpose of drug testing is to determine if controlled substances are present in a person’s body. Our 12-panel drug screening provides evidence of recent use of specific prescription and illicit drugs but does not measure the specific amount of drug present. Pre-employment Level 1 and Level 2 Background screenings, and Drug Screening. Our process is as easy as 1-2-3...

APPLICATION -  The Client completes our Drug Test application with all pertinent information.

INITIAL SCREENING - Once a sample is collected from the candidate, an initial screen is run to determine the presence (positive) or (negative) of a detectable drug. We will also do a confirmation screening if the initial screening is positive. Results are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer.

REVIEW RESULTS - Confirm or Negative results for each drug selected are provided to the employer and candidate immediately.



USA Investigations is committed to providing our clients with the most professional fingerprinting services.

We serve individuals needing fingerprints, as well as any local businesses and organizations in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas. We use the standard FBI FD-258 cards for the fingerprinting process. If you do not have your own card, we will supply you with as many cards as needed. Currently, only ink-based fingerprinting is provided.

We Finger Print For:
  • Background Checks (Employment or FBI)
  • Non-US Citizen FBI Criminal History Report
  • Employment Screening